How Can You Help Us Accomplish Our Mission And Vision?

In order to accomplish our goals and effectively move the needle on our vision and mission, it will take relationships and resources. We are grateful for partners in this work and welcome your generosity, expertise, and time to help us to serve communities well through this work.

Here are three ways to contribute:

We would love to discuss ways to get involved in the restoration and flourishing of cities.


There is no resource more precious than your valuable time. We have multiple onramps for people of all walks of life to take part in this work. Thank you!


We need your talent, expertise, and experience to be successful. Whatever your unique gifts and talents, we welcome and appreciate your guidance and advice.


We have compelling opportunities for investment and for charitable giving and we are committed to stewarding well the generosity of our supporters.

What you're contributing to:


Executive Director
Executive Assistant
Digital Footprint

Project 1:
DFW Study

150+ Interviews
Annual Report
Working Groups
Yearly Reporting

Project 2:
Freedom Study

100+ Interviews
Annual Report
Working Groups
Yearly Reporting

Project 3:
Impact Dials

Proof of concept
Working prototype
Developed platform